Corky’s Fundraiser is here!

The Annual Cork’s Fundraiser is a Popular One!

Just in time for Thanksgiving! Save yourself a lot of headache and rely on Corky’s to deliver a wonderfully prepared Smoked Whole Turkey, spiral sliced honey-glazed ham, and/or smoked Boston butt for your family for Thanksgiving! Also available are smoked boneless turkey breasts, hickory smoked pork rib chops with Cork’y world famous BBQ sauce! And don’t forget dessert! Also available are chocolate, strawberry, or caramel cakes. A portion of the proceedes go directly to your favorite DeSoto FC’s player’s club expenses. So sit back and enjoy a Corky’s Thanksgiving and help make competitive soccer in DeSoto County better all at the same time!

Contact any DeSoto FC player or parent before Novemebr 9th to place an order! Items will be available for pickup by your DeSoto FC player on Monday, November 21st.